2015 restaurant trends… did they turn out to be true?

Soon we’ll be flooded with “2020 restaurant trend” studies that will proclaim how consumer desire will change everything in the foodservice world.  But rarely does anybody look back to see if earlier trends have mattered.

As one guru said, “five years truly makes a trend… anything shorter is just a fad.”

So, here’s one take from Technomic, a leading foodservice research firm.  Topping the list from five years ago include:

  • Consumers will buy prepared food from a larger variety of places including grocery and convenience stores and food trucks.
  • Millennials want free wi-fi everywhere so they can pay by phone.
  • Quality food will be demanded at ever-better menu pricing.
  • Build-your-own meals and other customization is highly desired.

There is a lot more in the video.  How did the fortune tellers do?