What to say when local distributor doesn’t carry a product you want

Have you ever want a specific product and your local distributor says, “no, sorry, we don’t stock that.”?

Don’t take no for an answer.  Just ask… “does your company buy from Dot Foods?

Chances are your rep will say yes to your question.  Which means there’s a good chance that your local supplier can get you exactly what you want.

All without paying sky-high rates if your order directly from online sources.   Or without the hassle of trying to track down your must-have product from another local supplier.

Listen in as Dave and Bill explain the little-known (but huge!) secret to get nearly any foodservice product. Video transcript below



Local distributor video transcript

BILL: OK, Dave,  so you and I’ve heard and talk a lot about Dot Foods.  But, what’s your sense out there as far as operators. Do they really know in general who Dot Foods  is and what Dot Foods could potentially provide them in terms of opportunities.

DAVE: Well I ask every operator that I need every time I’m working with sales reps all over the country wherever I’m at.  I ask every independent operator if they’ve heard of Dot or if they know of Dot. Usually I might have to do it when the DSR running around the other way depending on that distributor how they used Dot.

But I’m going to say 99 percent of independent operators don’t know anything about Dot Foods.  What is Dot Foods? And why is it important for operators?

What is Dot Foods?

Dot is the largest redistributor in the United States. They sell products to about 4,000 distributors…  some daily, weekly… some get trucks every other week whatever.  Dot Foods stocks about 120,000 items between their 10  warehouses or so.  Distributors get a pretty regular deliveries from them.

So if you’re looking for a product,  operator, and your sales rep says that they don’t stock it…  ask them if they buy from Dot Foods because chances are they can get it from Dot Foods.  It might not be on tomorrow’s delivery, but next week or the week after they should be able to get it. Versus you having to call around to other distributors and then have to get a minimum order from another distributor because one or two items that  your main distributors not stocking.

There’s no reason why any distributor that is buying from Dot Foods should say that they don’t carry something. So when your sales rep says we don’t  carry that or we don’t  stock that item and something that you really want as an operator… ask him “do you buy from Dot Foods.”   And if he says yes,  they ask if he can get it from Dot Foods for me because the probably have it.  At least ask.

Bill and I don’t get paid by Dot Foods. They share their Top 400 with us on our AFDR website… and maybe soon to be on Restaurant Product Finder so that you can see some of the most used items in the industry.  And you might want to look at that list because if you’re not using one of those items you might want to take a look at it.  It must be working for a lot of different reasons for 4,000 distributors are buying it

How Dot works with your local distributor

BILL:  Well, just to give a sense of scale… so the local distributor might have 10,000 to 12,000 products in their local warehouse.  Like you said, DOT has 120,000.  That just gives you the enormity of the options that they provide. They can bring in one case via Dot just for you. So this capability eliminates the excuse of, well  we can’t really bring that in because it’s going to fill up our warehouse and we’re not going to sell to anybody else.

That’s the beauty of what Dot provides.

DAVE:  Operators, you can’t buy directly from Dot Foods. They sell distributors only.   But over all of the the 25-30 years that Dot has been around, it’s really changed the landscape of how distributors can have a variety of product without having to get a minimum order from a manufacturer. Like Bill said you can get  one case.  And the simplicity of bringing in one  case for you and getting it out to you… again, it might be a week or two… but you don’t have to buy from another distributor to get.