Food Brand Nation is a podcast dedicated to foodservice product manufacturers — specifically for marketing and sales folks.
Each brief show provides perspective on how to reach and influence customers based on feedback we receive from independent operators and DSRs every week.
The show is produced by the Association for Foodservice Distributor Representatives (AFDR) and Restaurant Product Finder.

Getting more views for your foodservice product videos

OK, you’ve spent a good chunk of money producing product videos for your foodservice company.

Why isn’t anybody watching?  

Well, first people might be turned off by what’s in your video or how you’ve structured it.  Learn more.

But the issue is more likely how you’re distributing the video (ah, it always comes back to distribution).

Listen in as we chat about how to grow views by planting your videos in the right spots.  




We mentioned DSR Smart in the podcast as a surefire way to gain video views and spread product knowledge simultaneously!

DSR Smart is AFDR’s simple video-based learning system to teach distributor sales reps about your products in a quick and easy fashion.

Walk through an actual lesson.   Learn more about how it works.


food brand nation
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