Pasta straws becoming popular as restaurants drop plastic sippers

Pasta straws are rapidly growing as an alternative as restaurants respond to consumer pressure to stop using plastic straws.

The straws — a variety of bucatini pasta — are inexpensive, edible, biodegradable and strong. And, for now, a conversation starter!

The Amazing Pasta Straw and other companies are now jumping in to meet the fast-growing demand.

Cities from Anaheim to Zanesville — and across the world — are rapidly adopting the pasta sippers. Including this popular South African restaurant featured in the video…


Pasta straws video transcript

I had a lot of pressure coming down from my daughter.  She said everytime I come in I see plastic straws in the restaurant.

We did try alternatives like paper and we found it to be quite expensive. We’d heard about the pasta straws which fits in very well with an Italian  restaurant.

This is a standard pasta.  Normally know as a bucatini.  We ordered from one of our suppliers.  It cost us less than regular straws, it’s a fraction of the cost.

We’ve been using the straws for about two weeks and the customer have just loved it.  They think it’s the best thing ever.

It’s really nice because it’s good for the environment… and you can eat the straw after you’re done.

You know what it’s actually, it’s like a guilt-free sip.

Pasta straws are very durable. So we found that they work with pretty much everything… cocktails, cold drinks… it works great.