Restaurant product sample requests and more a click away

Product sample requests and other information are now easy to make on Restaurant Product Finder.

There are simple checkboxes if you’d like a sample, rebate info or want somebody to contact you if you find a product of interest.  RPF then directs your request directly to the manufacturer!

You can even request info from across multiple companies all in one step!  Give it a try!

Here’s a short video that explains how it works.

Video transcript

You can now request samples, rebates and other information direct from the food brands that manufacture products that you might consider using in your restaurant or other food operation.

It’s simple to do on Restaurant Product

Just search for the product… let’s say you’re looking for strawberry jam.

You find one that looks interesting.

Now, at the bottom of the description, select the check boxes that apply… request sample… send information…or call.

Product sample requests and more

You can even search for and request multiple items.  Maybe you’re also are interested in Texas Toast.

Again, search and select the product.  And indicate the info you want.

You’ll see a yellow bar and review request button at the top each time you add an item.  Click the button to review your request.

Now, you can continue to add more products… or submit your request.

When you’re ready to submit, you’ll see a web address you might want to copy and save… or email it to yourself or a friend.  Or maybe send the link to your sales rep for your local restaurant supply distributor if you want to check product availability.

If you’re not asking for a sample or anything else that needs to be shipped… just click the ”Done” button!

Otherwise, select the contact form so we know how to reach you.  We’ll also automatically send you an email copy of all the product information and samples you’re requesting.

Then, stay tuned… we’ll make sure your request gets to the right person quickly.  You should be hearing back from somebody very soon.