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Thousands of independent operators, school foodservice directors, nursing home dietitians, DSRs and other foodservice pros are searching for your products right now.

Are you search ready?

Operators rarely go directly to your website.  They search from their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Restaurant Product Finder now makes it easier for operators to find your products as the only dedicated search engine for foodservice products. 

foodservice product search

Product info updated automatically

RPF basic listings are free and updated annually.  Sit back and relax, there’s nothing to do! Our system automatically captures product information from your website. 

Most important, RPF listings  link directly back to the product page on your website

Need more frequent updates? We’ll re-index your site at anytime for one low fee.


Search-friendly listings

Your listings are rewritten with common terms and abbreviations that operators use so your products appear higher in search results.

Simple, clear descriptions are the #1 way to help customers find your products with RPF, Google and your own website!

Contact us for an estimate

foodservice product search
foodservice product search

Add Dot Foods numbers

Operators are no longer limited by the inventory stocked in the local distributor’s warehouse.  DOT’s network of 4,000 foodservice distributors can deliver any of your products fast and cost-effectively!  

Providing the Dot # is the important detail operators need to specify your product!

Up to 500 DOT numbers:  $1,200/year

500 or more DOT numbers:  $2,000/year

Famous Dish video

Nothing is more credible than hearing a customer talk about how your product works in the real world.

We produce a fun, 2-minute video with your operator customer demonstrating your product in action. Use for websites, presentations, social media and food shows.

Download Famous Dish sell sheet

$4,000/2-minute video

All inclusive fee, including travel

Product review video

Quick overview video of nuts-and-bolts details that are often missing in many videos. We create videos to motivate buying behavior… and then link the videos to your product listings. Use the videos anywhere else… social media, your website or distributor sales portals. Contact us about how to get your first video for free!

Demo included in product review video: $1,700

Basic 60-second product review video: $1,200

Case shots and application photos

Quality images greatly increase interest in your products.  RPF provides simple, cost-effective case shots compatible for GS-1 use and application photos.

Case/packaging photos (3 angles, GS-1 ready):  $75/product

Application photos (2 angles/setup):  $500/each

Minimum 100 products for on-site service. No minimums when product is shipped to RPF location.
foodservice product search
foodservice product search

Highlight best-sellers

Add “Best Seller” badges to your top-performing products so they stand out from other product listings. You can even customize the badge look and feel.

Include up to 10 products: $1,500/year

Search-based advertising

Ensure your product message is at the top of each relevant search page.  Your banner ad appears whenever a user searches on terms you specify.

No more than three ads appear on any page for maximum exposure.

Ads run on 13-week campaigns.  Cost is determined by two factors:

  • Number of campaigns you commit to during the year.
  • How many “keyword phrases” are used for each campaign
foodservice product search
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